• It refers to an institution that recognizes that the competent authority of the country belongs to the higher education system and provides higher education, including education and research.

  • Documentation of all degrees, diplomas, certificates of completion, or, if applicable, pre-learning verification results that certify successful completion of higher education programs.

  • 'Recognition' refers to the official recognition of the value of educational qualifications acquired by an authorized institution; 'accreditation' refers to an evaluation and review process proves that a higher educational institution or higher education program meets the appropriate conditions and criteria.

  • Higher Education Institutions > List of Recognised HEIs> Check Higher Education Institutions to see if they have been evaluated or certified.

  • The criteria for judging the legal status of higher education institutions are largely accreditation and recognition. Overseas educational institutions or institutions generally do not recognize degrees or curriculums obtained from institutions that are not officially accredited and certified.

  • In Korea, the institution or person who uses the qualification makes a final decision on the recognition of the qualification. For example, when a person who has obtained a qualification abroad wants to go to a domestic university, the subject of qualification is a university that has a specific qualification as an admission requirement. In addition, when a person who has obtained a qualification overseas wants to get a job at a domestic company, the subject of qualification is a company that has set a specific qualification as a requirement for employment.

  • KARIC stands for 'Korea Academic Recognition Information Center' and is the National Information Center in Korea. It is a center that identifies overseas education trends and provides domestic and international higher education information to provide certified information on higher education systems and degrees between countries and enhance equivalence due to increased mobility of cross-border higher education and higher education.

  • You can submit various certificates (certificate of completion, certificate of graduation, degree).