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[Research Report] A Study on the Status of Recognition of Refugee Qualifications and its Application in Korea
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● Research Director: Brandan Howe (Ihwa Women's University)
● Publisher: Korean Council for University Education
● Year of issue: 2020
● Writing Language: Korean

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
1. Background and purpose of the study
2. Contents of the study
3. Research methods
4. Expected effect

II. International Teachers' Approach to Refugee Higher Education
1. Defining the concept of refugees
2. Status of international refugees
3. International norms for higher education of refugees
4. Global Convention on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications
5. Asia-Pacific Regional Convention on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications

III. Status of refugees in Korea
1. Refugees and institutions
2. Problems of the Higher Education Qualification Recognition System for Refugees

IV. Overseas Cases
1. North America
A. United States of America
B. Canada
C. Implications and suggestions
2. European region
A. Germany
B. United Kingdom
C. Norway and EQPR
D. Netherlands
E. Implications and suggestions
3. Asia-Pacific region
A. Australia
B. New Zealand
C. Japan
D. Implications and suggestions

V. Cases of North Korean defectors at home and abroad
1. Current status and system of North Korean defectors
2. North Korean Refugee Education Review Committee
3. Implications and suggestions
A. Establishment of a central institution for the implementation of the educational background recognition procedure
B. Implementation plan through the system for recognition of North Korean defectors' academic background

VI. Conclusion
1. Summary of the comparative analysis of the refugee higher education recognition system in Korea and overseas cases.
2. Policy Implications
A. Governance obligations
B. The aspirations and inspiration of the international community
C. Policy regulations
3. Suggestion of measures for each institution
A. Policy direction
B. Role of each institution for system construction
C. Suggestions for procedures for recognition of academic background and qualification
[Research Report] A Study on the Development of Internationalization in Higher Education
[Research Report] Investigation of overseas cases of qualification recognition due to the increase in non-face-to-face curriculum and exploration of domestic application measures