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Title [Guidance] Korean Education System② : Academic Credit Bank System (ACBS)
Date 2023-05-18
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□ Korean Education System② : Academic Credit Bank System (ACBS)

The Academic Credit Bank System (ACBS) is an open educational system which recognizes diverse learning experiences gained not only in-school but also out-of-school. When a learner accumulates the necessary ACBS-approved credits, he/she can be awarded a degree.

The Academic Credit Bank System, a central agency for continuing education, aims to provide all citizens with greater access to a variety of educational opportunities and to foster a lifelong learning society. It seeks to innovate, diversify and maximize the educational opportunities for both students, studying at post-secondary institutes, and adults, seeking additional education and training.

In the long run, the Academic Credit Bank System will raise the overall standards and status of the non-formal education sector, as a vital means for promoting educational self-achievement and guaranteeing the global competitiveness of the korean population

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Reference : About ACBS | Academic Credit Bank System
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